Those that know her describe Anna Agi as a great friend, outstanding student, and kind-hearted person. A stand out athlete at Whitewater High School, Anna also runs varsity cross country and plays soccer on the junior varsity soccer team. Staying in shape year round, Anna enjoys running, and the endurance gained from cross country leaves her well-conditioned for the soccer season. “Running is a hobby of mine,” said Anna. “It’s something that benefits me in a variety of ways.”

Prior to joining the Whitewater soccer team as a freshman in 2016, Anna played club soccer for AFC Lightning for a number of years, before making the switch to play for Concorde Fire in 2016. An outstanding goalkeeper, she’s always been responsible for giving direction to the defense, as well as minding the net and keeping shots out of the goal. A natural leader in many ways, serving as goalkeeper is a perfect fit for her personality and something she very much enjoys. Anna shared, “Somehow I ended up with the nickname ‘Team Mom’ – something she earned by being helpful to her teammates and staying involved in team activities.

Favorite Quote

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill

Off the soccer field, Anna enjoys activities that allow her to express her creativity. She’s a member of the school orchestra and plays piano, viola, and ukulele, among other instruments that have peaked her interest. “I enjoy expressing myself through the arts,” said Anna.

Given her friendly and affable personality, it’s no surprise Anna’s favorite part of being a member of the soccer team is being with her teammates. “Honestly, the whole season provided such amazing memories because I loved all the girls, their passion for the sport, and willingness to act as a team,” said Anna. A sentiment many of her teammates shared.

Good luck with the rest of the season Anna and thank you for participating in the Wildcat Spotlight!