Wildcat Soccer

Whitewater High School is one of five high-performing high schools in the Fayette County School System in Fayette County, GA. Whitewater offers a complete list of competitive athletics, including boys and girls competitive soccer.

Founded in the Fall of 2003, the school is relatively young but has quickly established a strong soccer program and is widely considered to be one of the top programs in the region. Consistently competing for regional titles in 3-AAAAA (7), the Wildcats have been to six state championships, taking the title home in 2007.

Equally competitive in the classroom, Fayette County Schools ranks 2nd out of 159 counties in the state of Georgia, with Whitewater High School among the top performers in the state.

District: Fayette County Schools
Mascot: Wildcat
Team Motto: All Out, All Game, All Season


Our players are driven by a common set of values and beliefs that help shape their attitude, work ethic, and approach to playing the game. Cultivated and encouraged by the outstanding Wildcat coaching staff, our players represent the students, faculty, and Whitewater community with pride and embrace the opportunity to showcase their skills and sportsmanship during every match.

Good Sportsmanship
We believe good sportsmanship always brings about fair play and healthy competition.
We believe we can accomplish more by playing as a team and working together.
We believe in respecting each other, our coaches, our opponents, our school, and the game.
Hard Work
We believe in working hard at all times to give us the best chance to accomplish our goals.


  • Help keep the cost of youth sports programs low
  • Help generate goodwill and community support
  • Increase awareness for youth sports
  • Model citizenship and social responsibility
  • Create growth opportunities for young adults
“We’re thrilled to be able to provide sponsorship to the Wildcat soccer teams. The community has given so much to us and we’re thrilled to be able to give back to the school and the team. We’re excited to watch the season unfold and look forward to watching the boys and girls teams enjoy success.”
– Geoff Fulton – Owner
“A strong supporter of youth athletics and our local schools, Azalea Estates is proud to be a part of supporting the Wildcat soccer program. We look forward to watching the boys and girls teams shine this year and hope to bring a few of our residents to the game this season to cheer the kids on.”
– Holly Woods – Executive Director
We have such strong support from the local community at Heritage Bank. So many of the parents, faculty, and students of Whitewater High School frequent the bank and we enjoy hearing about the games and outcomes. Here’s to a great season!
– Bank Representative

Wildcat soccer sponsorship is graciously provided by a number of local businesses who support our teams in a wide variety of areas. Involved well beyond just that of a monetary donation, our sponsors regularly attend games, participate in school activities such as the career fair, and contribute to scholarly awards and scholarships. Their commitment to the students and student-athletes of Whitewater is well-documented and greatly appreciated!