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Wildcat Soccer Goal Club


Approved on February 4, 2013

Section I: Ratification and changes to constitution and By-Laws:

  1. This constitution shall be ratified by a vote of three out of four members of the executive board, followed by a simple majority of the Wildcat Soccer Goal Club (WSGC) membership in good standing.
  2. These by-laws may be changed by a vote of three out of four members of the executive board, followed by a two-third majority of the WSGC membership in good standing. This vote may be conducted by email and verified by two members of the executive board.
  3. One membership (per athlete) gets one vote. Membership is for one year from the date dues are paid usually the first week in February.

Section II: Meetings

  1. The executive board will determine the scheduled time and place for all meetings.
  2. All general meetings shall be open to WSGC members, non-members, and advisors.
  3. All executive and general board meetings shall be held in open session and available to members in good standing only, unless the meeting has been called for a closed session.

Section III: Elections

  1. Elections shall be held every year at the end of soccer season. Elections will be held by the end of May. The president shall be a parent from the varsity boys’ team in odd numbered years, and the varsity girls’ team in even numbered years. The vice president shall be a parent from the varsity boys’ team in even numbered years, and the varsity girls’ team in odd numbered years. The vice president will become the president for the following year.
  2. Terms of office shall be for one year, from July 1st to June 30th.
  3. All WSGC members in good standing are eligible to nominate, run, and vote for executive board members.
  4. Elections shall be determined by a simple majority vote of the WSGC members in good standing.
  5. Any member in good standing may fun for any office. An executive board member’s term is limited to two terms or two years. In cases where an executive board member fills a vacated position, he/she will be allowed to run for an elected position in the next election cycle.
  6. If an executive board position is vacated, the president shall appoint someone to fill the vacancy. Should the president fail to appoint the person, the executive board shall submit candidates for review and appoint by majority vote.
  7. If the presidency is vacated, the vice president shall preside until a special session is called where all executive board members are present and the executive board nominates and elects a successor. If the executive board is unable to determine a successor, then the vice-president shall call an open general meeting to solicit nominees for the position and elect the president by simple majority vote from those members in good standing.
  8. In case of a tie on the executive board, an advisor will be asked to vote to break the tie. In the case of a general meeting tie, the president will be asked to break the tie.
  9. Within thirty days of confirmation, the incoming board will convene with the retiring board.

Section IV: Appointments

  1. The executive board, upon confirmation through elections, shall convene within 60 days and accept nominations for the following appointed positions:
    1. concessions
    2. field operations
    3. fund-raising
    4. public relations
    5. advertisement ( i.e. program ads)
    6. tournaments
  2. The executive board will then appoint the committee chairs to serve for a period of one year to coincide with the executive board’s term of office.

Section V: Duties of Elected Officers

  1. President: The president, an elected position, shall preside at all meetings, assist and oversee other officers in their duties, and require the club to adhere to the constitution and by-laws of WSGC. The president is to be the direct liaison between the WSGC and the advisors.
  2. Vice President: The vice president, an elected position, will assume the role of president in the absence of the president. The vice president will oversee, support, and assist the president as well as the fund-raising committee.
  3. Treasurer: The treasurer, an elected position, will keep accurate records of all income and expenses for the WSGC. The treasurer will help develop a yearly budget, and will supply monthly bank statements and an annual financial statement to the athletic director. The treasurer will also support and assist all the committee heads.
  4. Secretary: The secretary, an elected position, will keep the minutes of each general meeting and will publish them for review by the membership. The secretary will keep a running notebook of meetings. The secretary will keep a director of current members. The secretary will help oversee, support, and assist all committees.

Section IV: Order of Business

  1. General Meetings: Shall be open, unless order is not maintained, or a closed session is called.
  2. Committee Chairs: Shall work with an executive board member in the execution of their duties. Committee chairs shall provide the executive board with current business prior to executive board meetings. Committee chairs shall report for their committees at the general booster meetings.
  3. Funding: All funding for any committee will be requested in executive board meetings, by the executive board member working with the committee chair. All funding received by a committee shall be handled by the committee chair and/or an executive board member. All expenditures must be approved by a majority vote of the executive board. In addition, all expenditures over $500 not already approved in the current budget must be confirmed by a majority vote of the general membership. A report of these expenditures shall be given at the next regular meeting. If funding is requested for a specific team, i.e. girls’ varsity shoes, the coaches of both the boys and girls teams will not be the determining advisor voting to break a tie.
  4. Reports: The treasurer’s report shall be reported at each meeting and available upon request.
  5. Executive Meetings: A majority of the executive board (a quorum) must be present at a scheduled meeting for the valid transaction of business.
  6. Other topics not specifically mentioned in the WSGC by-laws will be in accordance with the Fayette County Booster Club Guidelines.

Section VII: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year (tax) year of the WSGC and the year-to-date budget shall begin July 1st and end June 30th.

Section VII: Finances

  1. Each check, regardless of amount, written by the WSGC must contain two signatures. The treasurer and president must sign each check. If the president is unable to sign a check, the vice president may sign with the treasurer. Executive board officers who are FCBOE employees are prohibited from signing WSGC checks.
  2. An annual financial review by a financial professional shall be required. The incoming President and one other officer shall select an auditor or auditors. A formal letter by the auditor or auditors expressing the findings shall be filed in the records of the club. The Treasurer will be required to submit a detailed report at the end of his/her elected term.
  3. Any purchase of $2500.01 or more made by the WSGC must have at least 3 bids collected and maintained on file. WSGC is not required to take the lowest bid.
  4. If Post Season Transportation funds are needed for each season, the funds up to but not exceeding $1700 per team will be available for Post Season Transportation. This provides funding for transportation for any team in post season play where travel on a school bus will be inconvenient. Funds will come from the General Fund.
  5. If Championship Ring Recognition funds are needed for each season, the funds up to but not exceeding $100 per state championship player/manager(s)’s ring ordered will be available for Championship Ring Recognition. This provides supplemental funding for each state champion player and manager(s), to be paid directly to the ring maker, toward purchasing a State Championship ring. Funds will come from the General Fund.